Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trip to the end of the world

This last week Mom, Holly, Steven, and Sara (me), went on a crazy trip. We drove through the
states, Wyoming, Ohio, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New york. we were able to
see the Kirtland Temple, Hill Cumorah pageant, Sacred Grove and much more. It was quite the trip.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trip to the Ranch 2006: Chris, Steven, Holly, Roger

Beautiful Nellie's Mt. in the background. We hiked up in the dark this time. It was fun to hike to the spring in the dark. The ranch was homesteaded by Grandpa Weight and his brothers. I have special memories of many hikes with family and loved ones. Many who are no longer with us. Glad we can still go there and remember.

Arrival of the baby chicks in April - Sara's FFA project

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First time we met Yao - 2007

Holly and Dad hiked to top of King's Peak

Holly is pointing to "the slide" where she and Dad came down the mountain. It drops about 700 ft. saves about 2 hours of hiking. They hiked up to the top of King's Peak which is the highest peak in Utah. It is an awesome feeling to make it to the top. Heidi and Marc got engaged there the year before. Couldn't make it this time as little Marc Dale was on his way. Holly also hiked to the top of Mt. Timpanogos earlier that week.

Sara and the crystal clear waters by our camp

After Dad and Holly returned from their all day hike up to the top, they led us around our campsite area and showed us the lakes nearby. There is a dragon-like rock that Steven climbed into. So beautiful to be up in the high Uintas! We were rained upon but enjoyed our camp and long hike.

Holly Steven Sara Landscape Arch

This spring we went camping with Nathanael and Kristi and family for spring break. We first went to Goblin Valley and hiked around in the goblins. Then we camped that night near Little Wild Horse Canyon. The wind blew the tumble weeds and sand most of the night. The next night we camped along the Colorado River near Moab and Arches. The wind blew even harder there and snapped a tent pole. We went to Sand Dune Arch but had sand blown in our eyes and so made a hasty retreat. This picture is of the largest arch - originally named Delicate Arch - which was changed to Landscape Arch. How long will it hold up?

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Quite an adventure hiking between the winding rock walls. We had Daphney the dog with us. She didn't like being lifted up and down the narrow passages and over huge boulders. Nathanael got scratched up from her panicking. A very fun hike. Didn't make it to the end though, the sun was going down. Still got to make it to the end someday.

Holly, Steven, Kristi, Isak, Ashley, Daphney, Nate, Blaine

On our way to the "Ant Hill" and the cave. Blaine got the easy way out - rode on his dad's back. His little legs got sunburned on the backs of them.

Lunch with the Goblins

Goblin Valley is one of our favorite places to climb and explore. It is always good to set down and eat before the next phase of exploring - taco salad this time.

two old ladies

Here are just two of the 9 old ladies. we have 32 chickens, 23 are chicks.

brownie the cutie

This is brownie the guinea pig. He is the nicest of the old men.

Dad the water bottle man

Dad carried the water and camera while at goblin valley.
April of 2008

princess chewy

We recently gave chewy a hair cut and a bath. It was a battle and she won.... eventually.